Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp

Product Code: AHLC-2010


Handling and maneuvering concrete blocks and natural stones demand a specialized approach, and our advanced, durable clamps are engineered precisely for this purpose. These robust clamps are suitable for integrating various lifting apparatuses such as cranes or forklift booms, ensuring versatility across different operational needs. The high-friction rubber pads, designed for longevity and replaceability, offer continual protection for load surfaces from potential damage and maintain the integrity of the moving materials.

The functionality of the clamps is further enhanced by their gravity-powered operational mechanics, ensuring that the clamp jaws are responsive and intuitive. They are designed to automatically engage and release, opening on one lift and securely clamping down on the next, a feature that significantly streamlines the workflow.


  • An extensive gripping range, confirming the clamps' suitability for various tasks, from routine lifts to more complex material handling, increases their utility in various projects.
  • The construction includes hard-wearing, high-friction rubber pads that are built to last and are replaceable, ensuring that the clamp maintains optimal performance levels. This design aspect is critical for the safety and efficiency of operations.
  • The clamps allow for the locking and unlocking of loads, requiring minimal manual intervention and thus enhancing operational safety and efficiency.
  • Specialized upgrade available: We provide an optional enhancement for those requiring additional functionality: a rotating pad and limit stop feature.

The Integration of the Rotating Pad and Limit Stop Offers:

  • There is a significant boost in operational efficiency with the Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp, which is equipped with rotating pads and a limit stop. This specialized tool is essential for tasks requiring material rotation, accommodating horizontal and vertical directions.
  • The limit stop feature is instrumental in maintaining the distance between the clamp and the material for safety rotary.
  • The utility of the Rotating pads goes beyond basic functionality, offering quick interchangeability, which is vital for the safe and efficient rotation of hefty materials like concrete blocks.


Grip range 280 – 2010 mm 11" – 79"
Working load limit 1500 kg 3307 lb
Net weight 137 kg 302 lb
Gross weight 155 kg 342 lb
Packaging dimensions L.2450xW.530xH.360 mm 96.5"x20.9"x14.2"