Vacuum Lifter

Product Code: AVLP3-600


This advanced vacuum lifter is meticulously designed to accommodate the diverse needs of lifting smooth and rough marble and granite slab surfaces, embodying a superior and rugged construction. It not only facilitates the effortless lifting of heavy materials but also provides the capability to tilt them, allowing for precise positioning and handling. The core of its operation is powered by compressed air, ensuring reliable and efficient performance across various applications. This feature significantly enhances its versatility, making it an indispensable tool in environments where precision and durability are paramount, such as in workshops, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities dealing with stone materials.


  • Pneumatic vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90° by a pneumatic piston.
  • The vacuum tank ensures safe pickup in case of a sudden power break to the pump.
  • A rechargeable 12V Li-on battery powers the audio and visual alarm system.
  • Slider valve with ON/OFF position for attaching material to vacuum pads and releasing material from vacuum pads.


Number of pad 3 -
Pad sizes 500x300(2 outer pads) mm
400x200(1 central pad) mm


Working load limit Vertical: 300 kg
Horizontal:600 kg
661 lb
1312 lb
Net weight 87 kg 192 lb
Gross weight 127 kg 280 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1680xW.430xH.960 mm 66"x17"x37.8"
  • Battery information for the device
Code battery GBA 12V 2.0Ah Bosch
Type battery Lithium-ION
Voltage 12V
Current 2.0Ah
Quantity 1
Continuous operation time with mode-saving pressure 2 hours
Working time with mode saving pressure 6 hours
Continuous operation time with mode audio alarm only 120 hours
Working time with mode audio alarm only 360 hours 
  • Battery charger
Code battery GAL 12V-40 Bosch
Input supply voltage 220-240VAC
Output voltage 12V
Output current 4.0Ah
Quantity 1
Full charger time 0.5 hour
Weight 460 gram
  • Compressed air requirement
Air consumption 180 liters/minute
Supply air pressure 5 bars (72 psi)