Vacuum Lifter

Product Code: AVLB4


The AVLB4 is designed for the horizontal lifting of glass, laser cutters, metal sheets, and panels. In addition, the compact design makes it easy to hook onto a hoist.


  • Vacuum tank.
  • Aluminum construction, lightweight.
  • Audio/visual alarm system.
  • Attach/release material by pressing a Vacuum or two Release buttons.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Battery charger.


Pad diameter 150 mm 6"
Working load limit 160 kg 353 lb
Net weight 28 kg 62 lb
Gross weight 40 kg 88 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1350xW.300xH.510 mm 53"x12"x20"
  • Battery information for the lifter
Power supply 12V
Battery capacity 6.0Ah
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Standby time 720 hours
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 2 hours
Non-stop working time 2.5 hours
6-month warranty  
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5 liters/minute
Motor 12V-6A