Portable Air Drill Machine

Product Code: APADM


The Aardwolf Portable Air Drilling Machine is a lightweight, versatile drill made of aluminum to reduce weight. It features an integrated vacuum base, making it instantaneous to set up with no need for anchoring or clamping. The Aardwolf Air Drilling Machine quickly attaches to both smooth and rough flat surfaces once the vacuum is applied. This drilling machine is suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces, whether the surface is cement, stone, glass, or metal. The vacuum base provides stability. 


  • The machine has stepless speed regulation and the max. free speed is 1,200 rpm
  • Conveniently placing water nozzle ensures that the drill bit is kept cool during drilling
  • The Drilling Depth Control design can show or set the depth that you are drilling
  • Three-speed control switch 
  • The Aardwolf Portable Drilling Machine has an integrated vacuum base that can be mounted on cement, stone, glass, or metal 


Net weight 10 kg 22 lb
Gross weight 14 kg 31 lb
Packaging dimension 260x260x535 mm 10.2"x10.2"x21"


Max. free speed 1.200 rpm
Max. drill bit length 125mm (4.9")
Vacuum base dimensions 240 x 180mm (9.4"x7")
Drilling bore size 50 mm (2")
Chuck diameter 1 - 16 mm (0.03"-0.6")
Weight 8.2 kg
Product dimension 233x233x392 mm (9.2"x9.2'"x15.4")
Working pressure 6.3 kgf/cm2 (90 psi)
Air inlet thread 1/4''
Hose size 10 mm (0.4")
Air cons 0.56m3/min (20 SCFM)
Sound pressure 88 dBA