Drum Clamp

Product Code: ADC-572


The Drum Clamp ADC-572 is specially designed for lifting and moving drums in a vertical position. Valuable and easy to operate, the Drum Clamp is a perfect solution for drum industries. The clamp is automatically closed when lifted and open when rested by the latch locking. Clamping jaws are designed with curved surfaces to make them fit with the diameter of drums. It works great with a crane or forklift boom to transport drums. The Drum Clamp is manufactured with high-resistance steel alloy material so that it is strong and durable.  


  • Compact design and sturdy construction by the steel alloy 
  • Lightweight for easy handling in tight spaces between other drums 
  • Integrated automatically locking latch mechanism 
  • Quick and gentle loading to transport drums
  • Low cost to maintenance 


Grip range 572 mm 22"
Working load limit 500 kg 1102 lb
Net weight 20 kg 44 lb
Gross weight  22 kg 49 lb
Dimensions L.860xW.390xH.210 mm 33.9"x135.4"x8.3"