Foldable 'A' Frames

Hauling granite and marble isn't easy, and it certainly isn’t safe if you don’t have the right equipment. A well made transporting frame is needed for both the safety of the driver and other workers, as well as for the protection of the granite and marble.


The sturdy Aardwolf Folding 'A' Frame granite transporting frames with its unique integrated vertical locking bars and ratchet locking straps is designed so as to holds all material safely and securely, which eliminate risk to the operator and prevent damage to material. The load is secured independently on each side by two vertical locking bars, which are inserted into brackets at the base of the frame and held by ratchet locking straps at the top.


The unloaded frame can be folded up by the simple withdrawing of two spring loaded pins from the cross braces and the lowering of the three wheels at one end by means of a cam lever. The lowered wheels also allow the frame to be positioned on the tray of a truck or manually moved around the factory.