Vacuum Glass Lifter

Product Code: AVGLP8-800


This vacuum lifter is suitable for lifting porcelain and glass sheets in large sizes. Features rugged construction with the added ability to lift and tilt the slab materials. 


  • Pneumatic vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90°.
  • Automatic vacuum pumping if vacuum loss occurs.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system.
  • Attach/release material with an ON/OFF slide valve.


Number of pads 8 -
Pad diameter seal to seal:300 mm 11.8"
Working load limit Vertical: 400 kg
Horizontal: 800 kg
882 lb
1764 lb
Net weight 108 kg 238 lb
Gross weight 135 kg 298 lb
Packaging dimensions L.2050xW.430xH.960 mm 80.7"x17"x37.8"
  • Battery information for the device
Code battery GBA 12V 2.0Ah Bosch
Type battery Lithium-ION
Voltage 12V
Current 2.0Ah
Quantity 1
Continuous operation time with mode-saving pressure 2 hours
Working time with mode saving pressure 6 hours
Continuous operation time with mode audio alarm only 120 hours
Working time with mode audio alarm only 360 hours 
  • Battery charger
Code battery GAL 12V-40 Bosch
Input supply voltage 220-240VAC
Output voltage 12V
Output current 4.0Ah
Quantity 1
Full charger time 0.5 hour
Weight 460 gram
  • Compressed air requirement
Air consumption 180 liters/minute
Supply air pressure 5 bars (72 psi)