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Slab Bundle Handler

The Slab Bundle Handler is a crane attachment used for lifting crated slabs of marble and granite from closed top containers. Designed to lift stone slab bundles securely and to increase efficiency and worker safety with improved load handling.


With the addition of a Slab Bundle Handler your existing crane can be used to perform many of the functions generally associated with a fork lift truck.  It is used most efficiently on gantry cranes of 5 ton capacity and greater.  The Slab Bundle Handler can also be used on mobile cranes.


Weight              :           1892 Kgs                      (4170 Lbs)

W.L.L.             :           3000 Kgs                       (6614 Lbs)

Dimensions       :           6918 x 1700 x 600        (22.7’ x 5.6’ x 2’)

Glass Bundle Handler GBH01
Glass Bundle Handler GBH01
Slab Bundle Handler - 3Tons SBH01
Slab Bundle Handler - 3Tons SBH01
Slab Bundle Handler - 5Tons SBH02
Slab Bundle Handler - 5Tons SBH02
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