Mobile Vacuum Tube Lifter

Product Code: AVTL1


Get the job done faster and safer with Aardwolf's Mobile Vacuum Tube Lifter! Our innovative lifting system is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. This innovative equipment AVTL1 is suitable for use in various settings, whether on the job or in a warehouse. It facilitates the movement of different types of boxes faster and safer than traditional methods. You can lift 35 kg safely and quickly through a vacuum head with a round pad. Our flexible crane system ensures you can work in any environment.

Make lifting heavy objects a breeze with Mobile Vacuum Tube Lifters! Our innovative solution is designed to make your work easier, with a single-hand grip and easy-to-operate design. Enjoy the convenience of quickly and accurately maneuvering the lifter with either your left or right hand while ensuring safety at all times.

Revolutionize your lifting needs with Mobile Vacuum Tube Lifters! Our specialized vacuum-based lifters are designed to provide optimal results in minimal time while mitigating the potential risks of strain and fatigue to the hands, arms, and back. Our specialized vacuum-based lifters are designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability for heavy lifting needs. With our durable construction, you can trust that your lifting tasks will be completed with ease and confidence.


  • Rapid, easy-to-handle vacuum lifter.
  • With an easy-to-use control handle, you can move materials effortlessly and save yourself time and energy.
  • It is optimized for the fast handling of cartons and packaging.
  • Offers several different vacuum heads with three options. 


Mobile crane information:
Mobile crane capacity 100 kg 220 lb
Height of the crane 3151 mm 124"
Tube size of the crane 180 mm 7.1"
The aluminum frame length of the crane 3260 mm 128.3"
Lifting capacity of the vacuum head (round pad) 35 kg 77 lb
Vacuum pump flow 40~48m3/hour -
Optional vacuum head (oval pad):
Working load limit  60 kg 132 lb
Vacuum pump flow 120m3/hour -