Vacuum Block Lifter 1000kg
Vacuum Block Lifter 1000kg

Vacuum Block Lifter 1000kg

Product Code: AVBL1000


A powerful battery-operated vacuum lifting device for laying marble, granite slabs, concrete and other related materials. Robust and compact, the Vacuum Block Lifter AVBL1000 can be suspended on all types of lifting equipment by means of load hooks, chains, cables, etc. 


  • Equipped with 2 battery-operated vacuum pumps
  • The operator has the choice of switching on 1 pump or switching on 2 pumps depending on porosity of load
  • ON/OFF slide valve controls vacuum on and vacuum release
  • Audio/visual safety system: flash light, vacuum gauge, vacuum storage tank
  • Automatic vacuum pumping system
  • Long working hours
  • Battery charge indicator 


Working load limit  1000 2205
Net weight 100 220.5
Gross weight 130 287
  • Battery information for the device
Battery capacity 12V-24A
Standby time 5000h
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 8h
Adapter DC 12V-3A
Non-stop working time 5h
6-month warranty -
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5l/m
Vacuum pumps 12V-4A