Versa Block Clamp

Product Code: AVBC-1100


The Versa Block Clamp is a versatile lifting tool, expertly designed to move various items, including concrete blocks, rubber tires, drums, and more. It features adjustable sliding pads, customizable to accommodate objects of different widths. These pads are securely locked into place with a latch on each side, ensuring stability during lifting.

What sets the Versa Block Clamp apart is its adaptability for multiple purposes. It can be fitted with various jaws, making it suitable for grasping various materials. This flexibility is enhanced by the ease with which these jaws can be changed or reversed, allowing the clamp to pick up objects from their exterior surface or from within, adapting to the specific handling requirement of the task.


  • Capacity for heavy loads: The clamp is robust and reliable, handling heavy loads of different magnitudes, ensuring a seamless lifting experience.
  • Automatic grip and release material. This automation streamlines the operation, reducing manual effort and intervention.
  • Adjustable jaw width: The clamp allows for straightforward adjustments of the jaw width, accommodating various object sizes and ensuring a secure grip every time.
  • Versatility in jaws: Different material shapes are easily handled with optional jaws. Whether dealing with square blocks or cylindrical objects, the clamp is adaptable to the specific shape of the material.


Grip range 150 - 1100 mm 6" - 43.3"
Working load limit 3000 kg 6614 lb
Net weight 161 kg 355 lb
Gross weight 175 kg 386 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1500xW.570xH.360 mm 59"x22"x14.2"