Double Barrier Lifter

Product Code: ADBL-2000


The Aardwolf Double Barrier Lifter is uniquely designed for lifting and moving heavy/long materials that do not deform or break, such as concrete barriers, granite slabs, and sandstone blocks, in a safe, easy, and efficient manner. The clamping rubber covering protects the material contact surface. The clamp is gravity-controlled, which opens when rested and closes when lifted. 


  • Auto locks and unlocks.
  • Vulcanized rubber pads.
  • A protective rubber-lined bar prevents the material from chipping.
  • Equipped with guide legs for balancing the material during the lowering process in an exact manner.


Grip range 155 - 250 mm 6.1" – 9.8"
Working load limit 2000 kg 4408 lb
Net weight 264 kg 582 lb
Gross weight 330 kg 728 lb
Packaging dimensions L.2710xW.860xH.460 mm 107"x34"x18"