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Vacuum Paver Lifter
Vacuum Paver Lifter
Vacuum Paver Lifter
Vacuum Paver Lifter

Vacuum Paver Lifter

Product Code: AVPL40


The Aardwolf Vacuum Paver Lifter uses a standard air compressor (minimum 5.2 cfm @ 125 psi) to create vacuum in a line attached to a handle or grip. The user sets the pad on the tiles or stone, creating a tight suction seal, then lifts and sets the stone in place. A Venturi trigger on the handle provides a quick release. The Aardwolf Vacuum Paver Lifter reduces injuries and saves your back, knees and hands.


  • Handling tiles or stone up to 40 kg
  • Quality construction
  • Includes two handles for one man
  • Operates using standard compressors
  • Simple operation by pressing the lever down to pick up a tile, then releasing the lever once the tile is in place
  • Industrial male quick connect
  • Optional pad sizes and types are available (sold separately): Standard vacuum pads: Pad 1: 140 x 140 mm = 40 kg; Pad 2: 100 x 70 mm = 5 kg. Optional vacuum cup diameter: 150 mm = 40 kg

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