Kitchen Installation Cart

Product Code: AKIC


Safe and easy loading, transporting, and installing kitchen tops and other workpieces up to 500 kgs (1102 lbs). Vertical transport of the kitchen.


The Aardwolf Kitchen Installation Cart provides a safer means of stone transportation and installation. The frame features a series of transfer bearings, allowing the countertop to roll into place without friction and strain while increasing productivity and efficiency. The cart accommodates any size countertop up to 500 kgs (1102 lbs). The cart can be used to lower, lift, and roll huge pieces onto the kitchen cabinet and assist with final countertop placement. The power lift feature elevates stone to 13.8"- 40.7" from the ground to support the rail and enables controlled tilting for easier, less hazardous installation. The cart features a strong aluminum frame yet only weighs 147 kg (324 lb) for convenient transport and storage. The Aardwolf Kitchen Installation Cart is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery controlled via a wireless remote. 


  • Flexible table surface with fixed and adjustable surfaces for different material sizes.
  • Equipped with transfer bearings located on the table surface, the countertop can be rolled into place without friction and strain.
  • The cart can lower, lift, and roll massive workpieces and assist with final countertop placement.
  • The product comprises three actuators for lowering, lifting, and tilting workpieces.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Engineered for optimum stability and maneuverability.
  • A 24V rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it.
  • 10” non-marking, flat-free, shock-absorbing tires.


Dimensions of the table L.1800 x W.1000 mm 70.9"x39.4"
Height of the frame 884.5 mm 33.2"
Working load limit 500 kg 1102 lb
Net weight 147 kg 324 lb
Gross weight 194 kg 428 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1920xW.1100xH.530 mm L.75.6"xW.43.3"xH.20.9"