Mechanical Vacuum Lifter

Product Code: AMVL600-10


No power source is required. It is ideal for the horizontal handling of non-porous sheet and plate materials such as diamond-sawn or polished granite, polished engineered stone, and all types of metals, plastics, and fiberglass. An automatic self-cycling valve at the piston's bottom controls the vacuum grip and release cycle.


  • Self-powered and self-cycling.
  • Audio alarm system.
  • Independently powered by a non-rechargeable 9V battery.
  • Use the vacuum gauge for a visual warning of low vacuum.
  • Telescopic front handle.


Number of pads 10 -
Pad diameter Seal to seal: 190 mm 7.5"
Working load limit 600 kg 1323 lb
Net weight 351 kg 774 lb
Gross weight 410 kg 904 lb
Packaging dimensions L.3520xW.1200xH.930 138.6"x47.2"x36.3"
  • Battery information for the alarm system
Power supply 9V non-rechargeable

Note: For materials with a rough surface texture, such as exfoliated granite, concrete, and textured metals, refer to our electric or air-powered vacuum lifters with foam rubber pads.