Bag Grab Lifter

Product Code: BGL-600


Effortlessly enhance your industrial operations with the Bag Grab Lifter, an intelligent tool that seamlessly connects to any crane system and is ready for immediate operation. This advanced lifter is ingeniously designed to lift various sacks with efficiency, safety, and utmost convenience, changing the dynamics of material handling.

Key to its function is the automated locking latch, intuitively programmed to grip and release materials, promoting seamless and error-free transitions. Despite its petite form factor, the compactly designed clamp does not compromise on strength. With a remarkable lifting capacity of up to 100 kg (221 lb), it can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Boasting an extensive grip range of 400 - 600 mm, this tool offers the versatility to accommodate a wide spectrum of materials. This lifter makes operations easy and safe under all conditions, whether in a manufacturing environment, mechanical processing, warehouses, or distribution terminals.

The Bag Grab Lifter is more than just a tool for the operator - it's a protective companion. It significantly reduces the likelihood of injuries during work processes and mitigates physical fatigue. This reduction in strain leads to an enhanced work rate, which in turn, promotes higher productivity. Integrate the Bag Grab Lifter into your industrial environment and experience a new era of material handling proficiency.