Miter Clamps - Vacuum Assisted (Aardwolf Battery Miter Clamp)

Product Code: ABMC


Face up mitering with speed and ease you would expect from Aardwolf. Capable of handling bird beak edges as well as 45-degree miters. The Miter Clamps - Vacuum Assisted consists of a vacuum unit, which consists of a battery-operated vacuum pump together with a vacuum reserve tank, pressure switch, and vacuum gauge, and four vacuum pads (two corner pads and two single pads) together with legs containing threaded adjustments rods and rest arms for supporting aprons.


  • Heavy-duty vacuum pads provide a firm hold, essential for a proper glue-up.
  • Slide the button to get the rest arm close to your apron width.
  • Threaded leveling adjustments, up and down as well as in and out, allowing the ability to adjust the level of the edge material finely.
  • Easy-to-use knobs ensure proper clamping pressure.
  • Miter pieces are installed finished side up and out so that you can see the seam and work with the glue for a finished piece.


  • Net weight: 12 kg
  • Gross weight: 13 kg
  • Packaging dimensions: H.520 x W.310 x H.270 mm


  • Sold in set: two miter clamps, two corner clamps, and a battery-operated vacuum pump.
  • The trestles and the corner clamps are sold separately.