Vacuum Lifter Handy

Product Code: AHVL500


The Vacuum Lifter Handy is powered by a venturi vacuum generator, which needs a source of compressed air in order to function but requires no electricity. The vacuum generator has no moving parts, so no lubrication is required. This lifter consists of four (4) pads, which can be replaced with different pads to fit the sizes of materials.


  • Adjustable vacuum pads. 
  • Attach/release materials with an ON/OFF slide valve. 
  • A small 9V rechargeable battery independently powers the acoustic alarm system.
  • Use the vacuum gauge for a visual warning of low vacuum.


  • For stone, concrete, foam pads   
Working load limit Pad sizes-Kg
520x125 mm:120 kg
520x160 mm:180 kg
520x220 mm:280 kg
520x320 mm:500 kg

20.5"x5":265 lb
20.5"x6.3":397 lb 
20.5"x8.7":617 lb
20.5"x12.6":1102 lb
Net weight 21 kg 46 lb
Gross weight 26 kg 57 lb
Packaging dimensions L.550xW.350xH.270 mm 21.7"x13.7"x10.6"
  • Battery information for the alarm system
Power supply 3.7 V Lipo battery
Battery capacity 2000 mAh x 1
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Standby time 720 hours
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 2 hours
Non-stop working time 7 hours
6-month warranty -
  • Compressed air requirement
Air consumption 180 liters/minute
Supply air pressure 5 bars (72 psi)