Aardwolf Remnant Rack

Product Code: ARR01

Aardwolf Remnant Rack


The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is designed specifically for storing off-cut pieces and remnants of all kinds. This rack is a strong structure to protect the material from damages, scratches, and chipping-off. The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is an economical and useful solution for storing granite, marble, engineered stones, etc in small spaces. It consists of 2 base rails 118" (3m) long with 15 open holes per side for the poles, 30" (740 mm) high. The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is hot-dipped galvanized for protection against rust, which ensures a long service life.


Working load limit 1000 2204
Net weight 83.8 184.7
Gross weight 84 185
Packaging dimension 3000x205x150 118"x8"x5.9"