Aardwolf Remnant Rack

Product Code: ARR01


The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is designed specifically for storing off-cut pieces and remnants of all kinds. This rack is a solid structure that protects the material from damage, scratches, and chipping. The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is an economical and helpful solution for storing granite, marble, engineered stones, etc, in small spaces. It consists of 2 base rails 118" (3m) long with 15 open holes per side for the poles, 30" (740 mm) high. The Aardwolf Remnant Rack is hot-dipped galvanized to protect against rust, ensuring a long service life.


Working load limit 1000 kg 2204 lb
Net weight 83.8 kg 184.7 lb
Gross weight 84 kg 185 lb
Packaging dimension L.3000xW.205xH.150 mm L.118"xW.8"xH.5.9"