Vacuum Glass Lifter

Product Code: AVGLM2-200


This vacuum lifter stands out with its specialized design and is adept at handling glass sheets. It boasts a rugged construction, ensuring durability and reliability during intensive operations. Beyond merely lifting, it can tilt materials, accommodating various handling requirements for delicate tasks.

Operating on compressed air, this equipment underscores efficiency and safety. This focus on utilizing compressed air indicates a deliberate choice for energy efficiency and a safe yet powerful operation essential in handling sensitive materials like glass.

The vacuum lifter presents solutions for transporting and maneuvering glass sheets through its robust construction and versatile functionality. Its design integrates features that not only move but also adjust the orientation of the glass, ensuring precision and security in its handling.


  • The vacuum lifter features a durable metal structure that can be manually tilted anywhere from 0° to 90° for enhanced flexibility.
  • Equipped with rotating pads as standard, the Vacuum Glass Lifter enables swift rotation by the operator to both 45° and 90° angles for optimal positioning.
  • It utilizes a compressed air-operated vacuum pump, functioning efficiently at a 5-6 Bar pressure range.
  • A sizable vacuum tank is integrated to ensure secure pick-up and safety, particularly in an unexpected power disruption to the pump.
  • It boasts an acoustic and visual alarm system driven by a conveniently rechargeable battery for heightened safety measures.
  • Including an energy saver comes standard, reflecting a commitment to efficiency and sustainability. 
  • It features a slider valve that offers clear ON/OFF positions for easy attachment to or release from the vacuum pads, simplifying the material handling process.


Pad diameter 300 mm 11.8"
Working load limit 200 kg 441 lb
Net weight 42 kg 93 lb
Gross weight 80 kg 176 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1480xW.460xH.820 mm 58.3"x18"x32.3"