Aardwolf Corner Clamp

Product Code: ACC250


Constructed from high-grade cast aluminum, the Aardwolf Corner Clamps are not just tools but a testament to precision and durability. Specifically tailored for those who demand accuracy and ease in their gluing and stapling tasks, these clamps ensure that corner joints are seamlessly and securely held together. Their rapid setup and quick-release feature further amplify their efficacy.


  • Precision at its Best: Offers an impeccably accurate 90-degree corner clamping, ensuring each joint is flawless.
  • Unwavering Stability: Its grip is unwavering once in place, ensuring that workpieces remain stable and aligned throughout the process.
  • User-friendly Design: Its straightforward clamp adjustment mechanism is designed to keep the user at ease.
  • Robust and Reliable: Made with premium cast aluminum, the clamps are tough and built to withstand the test of time, assuring users of their longevity.
  • All these features come together to offer a product that resonates with Aardwolf's commitment to quality and user satisfaction.
Note: Sold in pair


Grip range 50 - 250 mm 2" - 10"
Net weight 7 kg 15 lb
Gross weight 8 kg 18 lb
Packaging dimension L.520xW.310xH.270 mm L.20.5"xW.12.2"xH.10.6"