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Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter AEVGLP8-800

Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter AEVGLP8-800

Product Code: AEVGLP8-800


The Electric Vacuum Glass Lifter 8 – 800kg (AEVGLP8-800) is designed for lifting and moving long glass sheets. Sturdy and durable structure, the AEVGLP8-800 is the ideal equipment when working at large construction sites. Additionally, the flexible crossbar and stringer beams can be adjusted easily, giving greater flexibility on-site. With outstanding features supporting glass materials handling, this lifter is the solution for safety and efficiency seekers.


  • Handling of long glass sheets. 
  • Equipped an electric cabinet-operated. 
  • Audio and visual alarm system.
  • Vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90°. 
  • Adjustable vacuum pads based on glass sizes.
  • Automatic vacuum pumping once the vacuum loss occurred. 
  • Attach and release glass sheets by ON/OFF slide valve. 
  • Safe and reliable.


Number of pads 8
Linear activator 90 degrees


Pad diameter 300 12"
Maximum length-width of the glass sheet 3600x1800 141.7"x71"
Minimum length-width of the glass sheet 2400x800 94.5"x31.5"
Adjustable the crossbar in both sides 400 15.7"
Adjustable stringer beams in both sides 250 10"
Working load limit Vertical: 400
Horizontal: 800
Net weight 203 448
Gross weight 293 646
Packaging dimensions 3520x485x1270 128"x19"x50"


Battery information for the alarm system Power supply: 3.7V Lipo battery
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh x 1
Adapter: DC 5V-1A
Standby time: 720 hours
Charging cycle: 1000 times
Charging time: 2 hours
Non-stop working time: 7 hours
6-month warranty
Motor Information AC 380V-3phase 50/60Hz
Vacuum flow rate: 4.1/4.7 m3/hour

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