Lamination Rail Clamp 3' (915mm)

Product Code: CTTBC3


The Lamination Rail Clamp has a unique purpose and function in the marble and granite workshops. Designed for laminating edge strips, the Lamination Rail Clamp cuts clamping time by 75% or more, increasing production and improving the joints' quality. The Lamination Rail Clamp is now an indispensable tool for professional fabricators. Fabricators who have used the Lamination Rail Clamp never want to go back to the days of C-clamps again.


  • The longer-length bar clamps include a spring-loaded holding jaw, which keeps the clamp in place during the alignment of edge strips.
  • Clamp threads are concealed, protecting them from epoxy contamination
  • Large, easy-grasp tightening handles
  • Made from extruded anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc-plated steel


Grip range 26 - 63 mm 1" - 2.5"
Length 915 mm 36"
Net weight 3.9 kg 9 lb
Gross weight 4.4 kg 10 lb
Packaging dimension L.930xW.165xH.95 mm L.36.6"xW.6.5"xH.3.7"