Anti-Breakage Bar 6' (1830mm)

Product Code: CTTABB6


Anti-Breakage Bars are stiffening bars that prevent the breakage of fragile stone pieces during lifting, moving, and installation. Quick and easy to attach to workpieces, the rubber-lined bars eliminate the risk and danger of breaking expensive marble and granite workpieces.


  • The Aardwolf Anti-Breakage Bar incorporates rubber lined bar and rubber-lined individual jaws to cushion and protect the granite or marble workpiece against hard point compression so that the load is well distributed with minimal pressure points, preventing any scratching or cracks to the workpiece.
  • Aardwolf Anti-Breakage Bar has full-grip hand knobs, which are easy to grab using bare hands or gloves. Full-grip hand knobs have more substantial rotation torque than comparable mushroom knobs.
  • The bottom jaws of the Aardwolf Anti-Breakage Bar are connected by a rod attached to the bottom jaws and slidably extend through the upper jaws. The upper jaws are prevented from completely separating from the rods through keyways and keys, which also prevent the jaws from twisting about each other. The keyways and keys illuminate the need for auxiliary rods (jaw alignment pin). As with a competing product, the keyway prevents the bottom jaws from dropping to the floor if a worker completely loosens the hand knobs.
  • Made from extruded anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc-plated steel
  • Sold in pairs 


Grip range 17 - 45 mm 0.7" - 1.8"
Length 1830 mm 72"
Net weight 12 kg 26 lb
Gross weight 13 kg 29 lb
Packaging dimension L.1870xW.180xH.140 mm L.73.6"xW.7.1"xH.5.5"