Anti-Breakage Bar 6' (1830mm)

Product Code: CTTABB6

Anti-Breakage Bar 6\' (1830mm)


Anti Breakage Bars are stiffening bars that prevent the breakage of fragile stone pieces during lifting, moving and installation. Quick and easy to attach to workpieces, these rubber lined bars eliminate the risk and danger of breaking expensive marble and granite workpieces. 


  • Rubber-lined bar and clamp jaw
  • Large hand knobs for easy tightening of clamps
  • Sliding channel for individual placement of clamps
  • Made from extruded anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc-plated steel
  • Sold in pairs


Grip range 17 - 45 0.7" - 2"
Length 1830 72
Net weight 12 26
Gross weight 13 29
Packaging dimension 1870x180x140 73.6"x7.1"x5.5"