Paving Stone Lifter

Product Code: APSL


When installing paving flags, the Paving Stone Lifter saves time and reduces stress on the back and knees. It can also be used with concrete, sandstone, slate, etc. The safe lifting height recommended when using the Paving Stone Lifter is no more than 75mm (3”) to 125mm (5”) above the work area.


  • The Head is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum.
  • A complete line of interchangeable heads is available in different sizes for lifting various types and sizes of materials.
  • Visual low vacuum alert.


The size of the suction plates

200x200 mm: 60kg

260x260 mm: 120kg

8"x8": 132 lb

10"x10":264 lb

Width of handles 600 mm 23.6"
Net weight 19 kg 42 lb
Gross weight 34 kg 75 lb
Packaging dimensions L.720xW.420xH.590 mm 28"x17"x23"
  • Battery information for the device
Battery capacity 12V-7A
Charger battery 12V-2A
Charging time 3.5 hours
Non-stop working time >3 hours
6-month warranty -
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5 liters/minute
Motor 12V DC-4A