Aardwolf Harp Rack

Código do Produto: AHR


The Aardwolf Harp Rack is designed for storing glass panels. This Harp Rack will store sheets up to 1500x800mm (59x31.5 inches). Plastic-sheathed steel rods are strung within the frame. Sheets are slipped into the grooves of the flooring and are held in place between the rods of the frame. It has 45 slots. The Harp Rack can be combined with the Packrack cart, which has four casters and two locking wheels, allowing easy movement within the factory. 


  • Stores full-size plates or cutoffs 
  • Glass can be quickly and safely retrieved 
  • Diagonal harp-type plastic-covered rods used as dividers
  • Additional horizontal rods are used to stabilize the glass  
Note: Packrack Cart is sold separately upon request. Please click here.


Number of slots 45 pcs -
Slot width 11 mm 0.4"
Working load limit 1000 kg 2204 lb
Dimension L.1200xW.750xH.1534 mm L.47.2"xW.29.5"xH.60"