Scissor Clamp Lifter

Product Code: ASL450


Suppose you operate within the landscaping industry and are involved in bidding for concrete sleeper walls or the construction of retaining walls. In that case, you will quickly recognize the indispensable utility of the Aardwolf Scissor Lifter.
Aardwolf boasts a line-up of five distinct scissor lifter models, each catering to a grip range spanning from 0 mm to an impressive 450 mm. It is imperative to note that all these models encompass our genuine auto-lock feature, setting them apart from others that falsely label a manual locking mechanism as automatic. Additionally, our scissor lifters are meticulously coated with high-visibility safety yellow paint, enhancing their visibility and safety in operational contexts.
If the Aardwolf Scissor Lifter does not align precisely with your specific requirements, rest assured that Aardwolf offers an extensive assortment of alternative lifting clamps and equipment. Among these offerings, the renowned Aardwolf Slab Lifting clamps stand out, having been both invented and patented by the visionary founder of Aardwolf Industries LLC, Mr. James Corbett, nearly three decades ago.
Aardwolf boasts a rich history and a record of excellence that sets us apart from relatively recent entrants in the industry, establishing our legacy as an industry pioneer.


  • Auto locks and unlocks.
  • Long-lasting, high friction replaceable rubber pads.
  • A protective rubber-lined bar prevents the material from chipping.
  • Powered coated in high visibility safety yellow paint.


Grip range 300 - 450 mm 12" - 18"
Working load limit 2000 kg 4408 lb
Net weight 85 kg 187 lb
Gross weight 94 kg 207 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1060xW.250xH.680 mm 41.7"x9.8"x26.7"