Battery Handy Vacuum Lifter

Код товара: ABHVL-380


The Battery Handy Vacuum Lifter is a groundbreaking innovation from Aardwolf designed to revolutionize material handling operations with unmatched efficiency and ease.

Equipped with adaptable vacuum pads, this lifter seamlessly caters to materials of various sizes, ensuring a hassle-free handling experience. It utilizes a clip-in lithium rechargeable battery powered by a 12V source, and its integrated vacuum pump delivers powerful suction, eliminating the need for cumbersome air or electric hoses.

Made with a compact yet robust construction, the Battery Handy Vacuum Lifter offers flexibility, allowing for operation in any environment without reliance on external compressed air or power sources. Safety is paramount, and our lifter includes an innovative vacuum safety warning system, enabling users to monitor vacuum levels in real-time and ensuring secure lifting operations. Additionally, a vacuum gauge provides a visual indicator for low vacuum situations, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

With a lifting capacity of 380 kg (838 lb) and a range of vacuum pad sizes available, the Battery Handy Vacuum Lifter embodies Aardwolf's commitment to delivering superior quality and performance in material handling solutions.