Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter

Kod produktu: ABHVL-380


The Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter is an innovative tool designed to make material handling operations efficient, saving time and money.

Constructed to be both compact and robust, the Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter offers flexibility with its many optional vacuum pads of various sizes. It caters to materials of different dimensions and is ideal for lifting and moving heavy objects such as concrete and stone slabs, whether smooth or rough surfaces.

Powered by a rechargeable 12V, 4 Ah clip-in lithium-ion battery, the Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump. This combination delivers strong suction, eliminating the need for cumbersome air hoses or electric leads. With a lifting capacity of 380 kg (838 lb) and a range of available vacuum pad sizes, the Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter provides unmatched versatility and performance in the landscape industry today.

Designed for safety and ease of use, the Aardwolf Handy Vacuum Lifter reduces the risk of fatigue and injuries while enhancing productivity. Safety is paramount, and the lifter includes both audio and visual safety warning devices, enabling users to monitor vacuum levels in real time and ensuring secure lifting operations.