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Electric Vacuum Lifter 2000kg
Electric Vacuum Lifter 2000kg
Electric Vacuum Lifter 2000kg
kód produktu: AEVLP8


The Aardwolf Electric Vacuum Lifter model AEVLP8 is driven by an electric pump motor and is suitable for handling large metal sheets. It features the ability to adjust the main beam and vacuum pads for a variety of sheet sizes. The lifter's working load limit is up to 2000kg with material sizes up to 6000x1500mm.


  • Audio-visual safety system
  • Pressure switch control system automatically starts the vacuum pump at the start of a loss in pressure


Number of pads 8 -
Working load limit 2000 4409
Net weight 355 782.6
  • Battery information for alarm system
Power supply 3.7V Lipo battery
Battery capacity 2000mAhx1
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Standby time 5000h
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 2h
Non-stop working time 7h
6-month warranty -
  • Motor information
Input supply AC 220-1Phase 50/60Hz
Vacuum flow rate 4.1/4.7m3/h

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