Powered Counterbalance Crane with Vacuum Lifter
Powered Counterbalance Crane with Vacuum Lifter

Powered Counterbalance Crane with Vacuum Lifter

Product Code: APCCVL


The Aardwolf Counterbalance Crane with Vacuum Lifter is designed to lift, tilt, rotate and move glass in the factory or on the site. The adjustable boom allows the machine to lift a variety of loads.


Remote Control
  • Ability to control pick-up/release/tilt/rotation remotely
  • Flexible extending hydraulic crane
  • Built-in counterbalance
  • Maximum reach of crane is up to 1700mm
  • Maximum height within safety limit is 2760mm
  • Horizontal movement via hydraulic cylinder
  • Ability to move on even or paved surfaces
  • Foldable crane for convenient transportation
  • Extra hydraulic cylinder for lateral movement
  • Self-balance
Vacuum Lifter 
  • Battery powered
  • Sturdy structure
  • Allows vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 180° with hydraulic valve
  • Manually rotate by 90° in vertical directions
  • Stainless steel vacuum tank ensures safety in the event of unexpected power outages
  • Pressure control system automactically activates vacuum pumping once the pressure is lower than the allowed limit 


Pad diameter (seal to seal) 300 11.8
Working load limit 540 1190
Net weight 750 1653
Max reach 1700 67
Max height 2760 108.7
  • Battery information for device

Power supply 12V-150A battery
Charging requirements 12V-20A
Charging time 7.5h
Non-stop working time 2.1h
6-month warranty  

  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5 l/min
Motor 12V-4A