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Aardwolf Double Forklift Boom

Aardwolf Double Forklift Boom

Código del producto: DFB2-5000


The Aardwolf Double Forklift Boom (DFB2-5000) is a telescoping two section rectangular tube steel boom designed for removing bundles of marble and granite slabs from closed top containers. Thanks to its design, without any impediments between the fork booms, the operator can insert the full length of the booms into the container and bring the load right back to the fork mask, allowing for greater load capacity and more stability. This attachment can support a load capacity of up to 5,000 kgs. Installing it is very simple, thanks to its double-fork design. The Aardwolf Double Forklift Boom is powder-coated for extra durability and longevity, so the operator can use it for years to come.


  • Made for use on 5-tonne and larger forklift trucks.
  • It offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.
  • The boom extensions are designed so that they cannot be pulled all the way out.
  • The open hooks are designed for the quick and easy hooking of flat web sling eyes.
  • The inner sliding hook can be slid to all holes on the forks for adjusting the distance quickly.
  • A connection bar connecting the two booms allows the distance between the 2-fork to be adjusted to suit different slab bundles sizes.
  • It optimizes the efficiency of work, reduces the labor force, and safer.


The connection bar can be adjusted the distance 320 - 1270 12.6" - 50"
Working load limit 5000 11023
Net weight 700 1543
Gross weight 704 1552
Packaging dimensions 3350x620x380 11"x24.4"x15"

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