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Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420
Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420
Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420
Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420

Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420

Product Code: FB3LP-5420


The Forklift Boom FB3LP-5420 has a low profile design specifically intended for unloading marble and granite sheets from closed van containers where height is a critical factor. 

The FB3LP-5420 is a telescoping two-section rectangular tube steel boom built to comply with current safety guidelines and manufactured from heavy gauge Australian rectangular tube steel, AS1163-450 LO, which ensures strength, reliability and safety. 


  • The boom extension is designed so that it cannot be pulled all the way out
  • The boom is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins
  • Durable powder-coat finish


Manual telescope 2210 - 5410 87'' - 213''
Increment 16 - 200 0.6 - 7.9''
Slip onto fork designed with fork pocket 165x65 6.5''x2.6''
Fork pocket from centre to centre 377 14.8''
Working load limit Retracted: 2400
Extended: 300
Net weight 161.5 356
Gross weight 172 379.2
Packaging dimension 2560x640x400 101''x25''x15.7''

Note: Three alternatives for attaching the Aardwolf Lifters to the forklift boom. 

  • Combo Swivel, Chain, Lifting Lug. Allows flex between the boom and the load. Prevents slab breakage when traversing rough terrain. Also allows the lifter to be lowered down into confined spaces such as when lifting a short slab from a racking system. 
  • Forged Aluminium Swivel Shackle. A compact swivel shackle that attaches directly to the forklift boom and Aardwolf lifting clamp. Gives operators maximum lift within a shipping container. 
  • Bow Shackle 3.0T. General purpose. Useful in many applications for safe and secure attachments.
Boom lift capacities depend completely on the capacity of the forklift being used.

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