Demountable Frame

Product Code: DFF200


For storing and transporting finished work. It is ideal for transporting and storing material within the factory or transporting material to building sites. Often, people like to have two A’ frames for one base. They will have one frame on their truck and one in the factory on the base. When the truck returns from one job, they will remove the empty frame from the truck, place a full frame on the truck, and place the empty frame on the base, ready to be reloaded. It makes sense. Frames can be loaded onto the truck with a forklift or crane.


  • Sturdy and safe structure for transporting materials.
  • Covered with a particular rubber layer for protecting materials.
  • The frame has two hooking points to hook to an overhead crane.
  • Stick-out handle facilitates the transportation of materials.

Note: The customers can order separately the top frame and base frame.


Width of slab storage base area on each side 300 mm 11.8"
Working load limit per side 500 kg 1102 lb
Total working load limit 1000 kg 2204 lb
Net weight 102 kg 225 lb
Gross weight 103 kg 227 lb
Packaging dimension L.1300xW.1020xH.240 mm L.51.2"xW.40.2"xH.9.4"