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Versa Block Clamp 600
Versa Block Clamp 600
Versa Block Clamp 600
Versa Block Clamp 600
Versa Block Clamp 600

Versa Block Clamp 600

Ürün Kodu: AVBC-600


The Versa Block Clamp is made for lifting and moving concrete blocks, rubber tyres, drums or other materials. The clamp consists of two sliding pads that can be adjusted to the desired widths and they are locked by a locking latch on each side. The Versa Block Clamp is a multipurpose solution when fitted with different jaws to grab the different material types, whether square or curved shapes. These jaws can be easily changed and reversed to allow for picking up of objects from the inside face or inside out.


  • Handles heavy loads with different capacities
  • Grips and releases the load automatically
  • The jaw width is simple and easy to adjust
  • The rubber jaws protect loads from being damaged
  • Optional jaws for different material shapes
  • Lifting eye allows for easy hook attachment


Grip range 80 - 600 3.1'' – 23.6''
Working load limit 1200 2646
Net weight 48 105.8
Gross weight 57 125.6
Packaging dimensions 620x580x340 24.8''x22.8''x13.4''


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