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Aardwolf Slab Lifter AL30AWJ
Aardwolf Slab Lifter AL30AWJ

Aardwolf Slab Lifter AL30AWJ

kód produktu: AL30AWJ


The Aardwolf Slab Lifter AL30AWJ is a versatile lifting device with a wide jaw design, making it well suited for delicate materials such as porcelain, glass, marble, etc. This lifting clamp leaves no marks on delicate materials while at the same time it is also suitable for handling heavy slabs such as thick granite. Furthermore, this clamp is equipped with a new innovated auto lock and unlock mechanism, allowing the clamp to automatically grip and release slabs.


Grip range 5 - 30 0.2" - 1"
Working load limit 1200 2646
Net weight 20.6 45
Gross weight 21.4 47
Packaging dimensions 440x160x360 17.3"x6.3"x14.2"

Patent Pending

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