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Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A
Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A
Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A

Pince de levage Aardwolf 50A

Code du Produit: AL50A


Aardwolf offers a new version of its patented Aardwolf Slab Lifters. The new Aardwolf Slab Lifter 50A has an integrated auto-lock, unlock mechanism (patent pending), which allows the clamp to automatically grip slabs on pick-up and release the slabs on set down. In many situations this makes moving and handling of slabs safer and more convenient.


  • Size: Being of a compact construction, the Aardwolf Slab Lifter 50A allows for close packed stone slabs to be lifted out of racks and containers. Lower height slabs placed along side of taller slabs offer no problem, as is the case with scissor clamps.
  • Versatile: Ideal for construction work. Because the clamping mechanism is to the front of the slab, they allow panels to be placed close against walls.
  • Safety: Requires only a small movement of the slab to engage and grip the slab, which is generally well below the over balance angle thus eliminating the danger to the operator.
  • Secure: The Aardwolf clamps grip marble and granite slabs firmly. The Aardwolf Slab Lifter 50A has a force-multiplying factor of approximately 2.5 to 1.


Grip range 10 - 50 0.4'' - 2''
Working load limit 1200 2646
Net weight 18.7 41.4
Gross weight 19.4 43
Packaging dimension 380x210x230 15''x8.3''x9''

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