Welcome to Aardwolf Industries LLC, the cornerstone of innovation in the material handling sector.


Founded on ingenuity and robust engineering principles, Aardwolf Industries LLC began its journey with a simple yet revolutionary lifting device to ease the stone industry's heavy lifting jobs. This invention laid the groundwork for a range of lifting clamps, which have since become synonymous with quality and efficiency. Aardwolf is a beacon of excellence and reliability with a rich history of providing top-tier equipment to the stone, glass, and metal industries.


At Aardwolf, we aim to engineer and deliver material handling solutions that redefine industry standards. We are dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations, ensuring that every product we offer is not just a tool but a trusted ally in your workflow.


We envision a world where material handling challenges are met with advanced, cost-effective solutions. We aim to be the global leader in our field, recognized for our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including CNC lathes, milling machines, and robotic welders…, Aardwolf Industries LLC is at the forefront of technological advancement. Our product line continues to expand, offering a comprehensive range of tools and equipment catering to the stone industry and the broader construction and industrial sectors.



Aardwolf is more than a manufacturer; we are a partner in your success. Join us at Aardwolf Industries LLC, where every challenge is met with an innovative solution, and every customer Get The Aardwolf AAdvantage.
Aardwolf Slab Lifting Clamps: